Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Breakfast with Santa .... 2009

This has become an annual tradition now, started by Mum - Breakfast with Santa at our local garden centre restaurant. We had the 2nd sitting on Saturday morning this year and bearing in mind the weather, we were glad we did! By the look of things there were some people didn't make it. The table next to us remained empty despite being laid and a reservation name on it. This is such a good deal and the presents that the littlies received are really good. The eldest got a rock painting set, the middle one a card game and the youngest a lovely board book. Breakfast - full English for the adults and sausage, egg and beans for the littlies. The very oldest grandchildren don't come now. At 18 and 13 they're 'too old for Santa, Nana Pam' or so I was told at the weekend - *LOL* Not even a comment from me of 'Don't believe, won't receive' managed to change the mind - ☺

Here's some piccies of little ones that do still believe .... so much so the middle one was too excited to eat any breakfast at all so Daddy had a bonus *hehe*

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Cally said...

Pam, What lovely pictures, they certainly looked liked they enjoyed themselves. What lovely grandchildren you have, you must be very proud of them.