Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Fundu Lagoon - Days 5 & 6 ...

25th February ... daily life, monkeys and BBQ ...

Late getting started this particular morning. Nothing planned so no problem .... WRONG! Late to breakfast but still before 10am. Found out certain young lady not too pleased 'cos we were holding up dining room cleaning. Just happened to be the last guests to be at breakfast - oh dear, in trouble again it seems! Seems everybody else (not that there were many guests) had been up and at 'em at some silly o'clock. Guess they'd all gone diving or snorkelling then .... Still, we finished brekkie, used t'internet to send message to friend Lynne, in Spain as she was on her own for the week (oops! a week late on that one but hey, we'd lost track of time *hehe*) and found ourselves in the jetty bar ... again! Jackie had got burnt on Misali - not enough sunblock on back of legs when snorkelling - so had to stay out of sun. 'Twere a lovely day as there was quite a strong, refreshing wind. Told it was the first onshore wind of the season, which meant that rain was on it's way. No idea when it was to arrive but locals (that included Matt) reckoned within a few days - bring - it - on! (I know, usually we don't want to see rain but it would have been a welcome relief to the heat right then - lol!)

Beautiful sunset, as ever, but this one we were viewing from the jetty bar. Taking photos of sunset, barman Hoffman suddenly calls 'mank, mank, beach!'  Not having a clue, off we trot to see loads of monkeys scattered over the beach. It looked as though they were eating and then we realised ... they were hunting and eating the little ghost crabs!  Next thing Hoffman's calling again ... 'sunset, sunset' ... and this was how it continued ' mank, sunset, mank, sunset' with us rushing from one side of jetty, and bar, to the other - just because he didn't want us to miss either - bless!

Finished the day with a BBQ on the beach. The food was already cooked so not quite a BBQ as we know it but delish none-the-less ... crayfish, prawns (giant, giant ones to our little tiddlers), fish kebabs to name just a few!
Notice the stars in this shot.  The result of non light polluted skies ... beautiful!

26th February ... fish, Chris and hob-nobbing!

But first ... this was a sight we saw while breakfasting and it wasn't the first we saw - or the last.  Piles of 'something' moving along the beach!  Further investigation told us that they were local villagers carrying materials along the beach to make a new shelter for the local fishermen.

A day out at sea ... fishing!  Well, I went along for the ride - *lol*  I used to fish and would have fished but - we took Lizzie, the restaurant manager, with us.  She'd worked at the resort for 10 years, had never been on a boat, apart from to and fro the resort and the local port and had certainly never fished so ... when first one was on the line she took centre stage.  With a lot of  hard work and help she landed a big 'un *lol*  A great trevally.  Never heard of one before but Google has told me a bit about them. 

Very, very hot day! None of the wind that was around yesterday!  At 700m the water temperature was 29.8c.  Water depth went off the scale and it was 30.6c.  Who'd have thought that the deeper the water the hotter it would be - *phew*!  Fish didn't much want to know ... too hot for them as well.  Water like a mill pond.  Lunch and wine on board for all, most welcome, along with the gallons of water consumed.

Another fish bit ... Jackie's turn!  Trouble was, by time she was ready it had surrendered and jumped into boat by itself  *LOL*.  Well, not quite but it was close enough to be dragged in.  Yellow fin tuna.  Not large but beautifully formed  *lol* ....  Tried for more fish for a while but nothing happening.  Made our way back, past Misali Island, enjoying the view and the breeze.

We decided to freshen up with a dip in the sea before changing and making our way to main bar, cocktails and sushimi - made with the tuna caught that afternoon (excellent!) - and to be introduced to Chris and Alex!    Chris - Matt and Anie's kitten - and Alex, part owner of the resort

Dinner 'party' this evening ... Matt, Anie, Rusty (today's skipper), Martie (his wife), us and Alex.  Very enjoyable!
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bettyl said...

Looks like your trip was wonderful. I would have loved to see the 'somethings' walking along the beach!