Monday, 24 January 2011

ProMarker storage

UPDATE: I've put this update at the beginning as it's important and it should have been mentioned in the following post but a commenter has brought it to my attention (thanks Sonia) and I'm going to shout this .... PROMARKERS (& Copics or any other alcohol based marker pens) CAN BE STORED EITHER HORIZONTALLY OR VERTICALLY!  It is only waterbased markers, like Aquamarkers, Marvy Le Plume etc. that are better stored horizontally ie.  flat, on their sides.  I queried this directly with Letraset having read this so many times that ProMarkers had to be stored flat and being sure it wasn't the case.  On 7th June 2010 Martin Gibbs from Letraset replied to my question as follows .... " It makes no difference which way you store ProMarkers.  The confusion probably comes from the fact that the water based AquaMarkers are best stored horizontally"  The Copic site actually state the same for their pens and both Letraset and Copic sell storage for their pens which allows for them to be stored either way, which is not something they would do if they should be stored flat.  I hope this clears up any misconceptions and confusion and if still unsure of what I've said then please contact the respective manufacturers and ask the question, as I did, to have your mind set to rest.  Now, on with the post ...

The following was an idea I saw on a blog some while ago. Unfortunately I can't remember which blog so can't point you in it's direction but I thought I would show you my adaption of the idea. The original idea uses a much larger box, with 3 sections (holding around 240 CDs I think), which is ideal for a full set of ProMarkers however, I don't have a full set and at the moment have sufficient quantity for my needs. As such I went on a hunt for a smaller box and found one on eBay. One section only and it holds up to 91 ProMarkers - at a squeeze. I have 84 ProMarkers, blender pen, gel pens and fineliners in my box as well as a colour chart.

The boxes are aluminium DJ CD cases and come complete with the index cards and sleeves. The one I found suitable for my needs is one that holds 120 CDs ... this one

The sleeves hold 7 ProMarkers each and I've put a slip of paper with a colour sample and it's name in the back of the sleeve. The colour chart is kept in the lid with a list of the colour combos for skin, hair and colours that blend well together. The dots on the top of the ProMarkers are just punched dots, coloured and stuck on with glue dots but it allows me to see the rough colours at a glance (not true colour as they're not coloured onto the card I use). I also try to keep the colours in the order they appear on the colour chart I printed off of the Letraset site.

It's small and compact enough to sit on the top of the CD tower that holds my clear stamps and is easily portable.

UPDATE #2:  I now know where I saw this idea originally.  Thank you Nicky, of Stiggys Cards.  You actually helped me at the time as I asked you for measurements of your box to work out whether this one would work for me!



sonia said...

Hi Pam
the storage for pro markers is great,i heard somewhere that pro markers are to be stored flat i can not remember where i heard it though, does it matter how they are stored ? i only have a few pro markers 18 :-(

Nicky said...

Love your storage - I have a similar one and being an OCD crafter I have numbered the colour chart and the dots on top of the pens helps putting them back were they belong - if people look on the letraset site they will see they sell storage for pro markers that hold them veritcal as well - the only ones I was told need laying horizontal are the metallics and the aquamarkers - love your CD rack for the clear stamps as well xx

Unknown said...

Hi Pam thank you thank you I've looked everywhere on how to store promarkers and then I found you on line. Happy crafting Denise.