Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A lovely day ...

... was had on Saturday.  Clair held an all day Christmas wreath workshop to celebrate her 100th.  It involved making lots of flowers in Christmas colours,  Some large, some medium, some small, multi-layered, single layers - whatever your fancy took.  There were some beautiful wreaths made and then there was mine!  I'm still not sure about it and I think it needs more work.  A bit more bling as the silver mirri card isn't really showing and I feel it needs a bit more depth.  I'll play ..... or not!
Clair took this photo but I've pinched it 'cos I'm in it - lol!

Saturday was also our eldest's 3rd wedding anniversary to his lovely 2nd wife.  Can't believe it's 3 years since we were in Cyprus for the wedding.  Time goes so quickly.  They flew out to Egypt for the week on Friday so hopefully they're having a good celebration.  Daughter-in-law was nursing missing big toe nails and legs full of bruises.  Both her and eldest have taken up obstacle/hill/beach running this year and she took part in her first competitve race last weekend.  The toenails went missing a few weeks ago because of her training.  The bruises were due to climbing 10 foot walls and ditch diving!  Whatever floats yer boat, eh???  They're loving it although I think eldest is loving it more.  Personally I think he's having a mid-life crisis!  They're both 42 in a couple of months.  There's not many start on this sort of high energy, ultra fitness regime in their 40s but all power to them if they enjoy it *grin*  Me?  I'll stick with my old girls exercise class once a week - ROFL!

I'm having a crafty clear out and have things listed for sale on eBay.  Go to the 'Items for Sale' tab at the top of the blog for details.

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Clair Matthews said...

I really really like your wreath Pam..I don't know what you're worrying about!!! looks great!!! xxx